Twitter has launched a paid subscription that will allow you to cancel your tweets and unlock other additional features

The social network Twitter has officially announced the launch of the paid subscription Twitter Blue, under which users of the platform will be able to access premium features such as the ability to undo tweets. Starting today, a paid subscription is available to social network users in Australia and Canada.

First of all, a paid subscription will give you the ability to cancel your tweets before they are published. Moreover, if necessary, this can be done within a given period of time, up to 30 seconds. Subscribers will also have access to bookmarks, with the help of which you can organize and group your favorite tweets, so that you can easily find them if necessary. Reading View will combine long discussions into easy-to-read text on a single page.

Other features within the Twitter Blue subscription are purely aesthetic. We are talking about new color schemes for the interface, as well as the ability to change the color of the Twitter application shortcut. It is also worth noting that paid subscribers will have the opportunity to use priority technical support to resolve various issues.

The launch of a paid subscription is a significant change to Twitter's business model. In the past, social media has relied heavily on advertising to generate revenue, but intense competition from major platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, as well as investor pressure, have forced Twitter to seek new revenue streams.

Initially, Twitter Blue will be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue for platform users in Canada for $ 3.49 per month and in Australia for A $ 4.49 per month. In terms of Russian rubles, the subscription price varies from 210 rubles in Canada to 250 rubles in Australia. It is not yet known when Twitter Blue will become available in other regions.

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